Homerton Early Years Centre – Weekly Bulletin

28th September 2022


Message from the Head Teacher: Dear Parents and Carers


I am very pleased to say that when I walked around the Centre this morning there were lots of really happy and settled children playing – I hope the tips I sent out last week were helpful for you during this settling period.  Please talk to class staff, or myself,  about anything to do with your child as we are all here to help and support you and your children.


I have some messages from class staff which are that there is no need for you to send in individual water bottles for children.  Children have access to water throughout the day both in class and in lunch.  We have a system where children can take a cup, help themselves to water at the class sink, and then place the cup in a washing up bowl to be washed. At lunch our staff also serve children with water and encourage all the children to have a drink regularly.


Please can we also remind you to bring in fruit, vegetables, rice cakes, oatcakes, or breadsticks for snack. Snack is shared in class during the morning, or afternoon, and is a lovely sociable time.


Pick up time for children in the afternoon is either 3.00pm or 3.45pm.  If your child is in Nursery and you are picking up at 3.00pm then please come straight to the pond gate and alert class staff in the garden that you are ready to pick up your child.


If your child is doing breakfast club, then please ring the bell to alert breakfast staff to come and meet your child, is on the right hand side of our main door, and is labelled Breakfast.


Drop off for Nursery children is 8.45am-9.15am at the pond gate.  Nest children is 9.00am-9.30am at the Nest gate.

Please let us know by 10am if your child is not going to be in for their session for any reason.




A message from our Parent Governors

Parent Governors are creating a Whats app group for each class so that parents are easily able to keep in contact and share information with each other.  In the next few days there will be posters put outside on the pond and Nest gates, and on class windows with QR codes for you to scan to join the group if you wish to.


Covid/Medical Update: I am pleased to say that so far I haven’t heard of any Covid cases in the Centre – long may it continue!

Last week I walked through The Nest classrooms first thing in the morning and thought you might like to see some of the varied activities on offer for the children that morning.  At Homerton we follow The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and children learn both through free play and more targeted planned activities, always supported by the adults in the rooms. Do have a look at our website to find out a bit more about the way we learn and play at Homerton. 


Threading with cotton reels is a good way of promoting fine motor skills as well as exploring pattern making with different coloured reels.



We always provide lots of opportunities for mark making, both in class and the garden, and these dabber pens are easy for children to hold and control.


Home roleplay is always popular with children and they often enjoy making tea for their friends and adults in the room



This shape set gives children a chance to design and build, making different patterns with the shapes. Adults often talk to the children about the names of the shapes and their particular properties ie the number of sides they have.


We find baskets of natural objects such as these stones, shells and cones are always popular and are used by children in all sorts of different ways. Sometimes they use them to make pictures, counting,  pattern making or as props in imaginative play.




Dates for your diary:

Half Term holiday – Monday 24th-28th October. 

Holiday club will be running during half term week and we will be emailing you to let you know when you can book this.

Monday 31st October – The Centre is closed for staff training day


Reminders: Please do not park on the yellow lines outside school as these are there to keep all children and families safe.

If you need to drive then can I suggest you park in Glebe Road, near house number 48, and walk through the passageway next to the allotments to reach the Centre. This is a lovely walk and an opportunity to enjoy some peace in nature, as well as getting some exercise.


With Best wishes from us all and thanks for your support whilst settling your children in at Homerton.


Alex Pearson


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