A Message to Parents – Our Vision

Homerton Early Years Centre joins with families in supporting, education and caring for their children.

We view Homerton as a Centre for everyone where staff and families come together to achieve the best possible start in life for the children.

It is an inclusive and welcoming place, where children have the opportunity to grow and develop from their own individual starting points. They are encouraged to follow their own interests, supported by skilled and experienced staff who deliver The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Homerton fosters a love of learning through a play based curriculum. Children and staff come together to explore, investigate, be curious, question and, above all, have fun experiencing the joy of learning about the world around them.

It is a place where children learn the valuable life skills of:-

  • Respect and kindness
  • Empathy and understanding of others
  • A love of the outdoors and the natural world
  • Respect for the environment
  • Independence
  • Problem solving
  • Creating and thinking critically
  • A love of stories and storytelling
  • A ‘can do’ attitude to life where children keep trying to achieve their desired outcomes

Above all Homerton is a place which nurtures the next generation of firefighters, engineers, scientists, environmentalists, hairdressers, vets, parents or whatever future path your child chooses for themselves.

If this is what you would like for your child then come and visit and see for yourself what Homerton can offer your child and family.

Alex Pearson
Head of Centre

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