Homerton Early Years Centre – Weekly Bulletin

17th April 2024

Dates for your diary:


Thursday 18th April – East Blue/Purple trip to Rock Road Library

Tuesday 23rd April – East Red/Purple trip to Rock Road Library

Thursday 25th and Tuesday 30th April – West Room trip to Rock Road Library

Thursday 2nd and Tuesday 14th May – South Room trip to Rock Road Library

Tuesday 30th April – Bag2school fundraiser – see photo below for what we are collecting – Please fill up your bags, or black bin bags, and bring into school on the morning of the 30th April.

Tuesday 30th April – Thursday 2nd May – School photographer, Helen Alderton, is visiting to Centre.

Wednesday 8th May – Fundraising cake sale to buy sensory equipment

Wednesday 15th May – ‘We’re all going on a Bear Hunt’, parent and child event 8.45am-9.30am around our main Nursery garden for all families in the Nest and Nursery.

20th-25th May – Walk to School week – please try and walk, scooter or cycle to school that week.

Wednesday 22nd May – Really Wheelie sponsored trail – a fun children’s cycling/scooting or buggy pushing activity, around 3 laps of the Nursery garden – parent volunteers are needed to help with this event which runs from 9.30-11.00am – please let Alex know if you can help.

Friday 24th May – The Centre is closed for staff training day on outdoor learning.

Monday 27th – Friday 31st May – Half term but Holiday club will be running from Tuesday 28th-Friday 31st May.




Reminders and Requests:

If you know of anyone who may be looking for a place at Homerton in the next couple of years we are holding an Open Morning for prospective new parents on Saturday 27 April 10.00-11.30am – please note this is not for our current families, but do tell others you know about this.                                    


Message from the Head Teacher:

Dear Parents

Welcome back to the Summer Term, which is full of lots of fun events, for the children. One of these is our ‘Bear Hunt’ story trail for families around the garden on 15th May.  ‘We’re all Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen, is our core book for this half term so children will be getting to know the story really well and having the opportunity to enjoy acting it out together. The story is brilliant for developing children’s language.


Our Language of the half term is Greek – please see the attachment for some information on Greek words and numbers and a delicious recipe to try.


Following on from our parent survey last term we have changed our menu to have a new vegetarian lentil roll, instead of pizza, on alternate weeks, a chicken and vegetable curry, served with rice, and additional fruit, served alongside every desert. We also ensure every meal has either vegetables or salad with it.


If your child has a birthday this term, as part of eating more healthily, could we request that rather than bringing in a cake or biscuits you bring in some more exotic fruit eg pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, mango, or similar for the children to share. If you would like to give the class a book to enjoy, that would also be very welcome, we can share this at the circle time and say that it is a gift from your child to the class.


This term we also have our trips to Rock Road library for our Nursery classes, and a visit from the school photographer, who comes into individual classes to take beautiful photos of the children during the week beginning 29th April.


Our fundraising events this term start with our Bag2school event on the morning of Tuesday 30th April.  Please fill up a bag with unwanted clean clothes/soft toys etc and bring it to school on the morning of the 30th April. A company known as Bag2school will donate a certain amount of money to us for every bag that they collect, depending on the weight.  The company take good quality Adults’and Children’s Clothing, Paired Shoes, Hats, Belts, Handbags, Soft Toys, Bedding, Curtains and Towels.  They do not accept Duvets, Pillows or Cushions.


Your help with this fundraiser is much appreciated.


Covid/Medical Update: We have had head lice reported in the Centre. This is a very common problem for Nursery/Primary aged children. We recommend that parents check their children’s hair regularly for these little insects.  The most effective way of treating them is to use conditioner and a nit comb, which can be bought online, or from a Pharmacist, and to comb through your child’s hair on a weekly basis, (possibly when they are reading a favourite story, or watching a favourite programme).  The life cycle of lice is about 3 weeks so you have to comb regularly for at least three weeks to ensure that your child no longer has lice.
Some of our Learning this Week  –  We really have been experiencing a combination of sun and April showers this week and some of our pictures reflect this….


Our beautiful cherry blossom tree in the Nursery garden.



Sweeping up the rain puddles in the Nest Garden is an opportunity to develop gross motor physical strength, children regularly use the brooms to sweep away the water that has collected on the grass or to sweep the sand around our sandpits.










An obstacle course in our Nursery garden is another opportunity for children to develop physical skills and hand eye co-ordination as they throw hoops over cones or jump from one hoop to another following the arrows along the route.





East Room children had a visit from Mitali’s daughter Mya-Rose who led a fun filled dance session both for children and adults.





Children in West Room spent their circle time chatting with Hon LeLe who is a persona doll about his lost teddy bear and who he could ask for help to find him. This work focuses particularly on who are the safe adults that children can go to for help when they need it.




My final photo this week shows just what fun children can have using the resources that we put out at Homerton in different ways to explore the world around them and enjoy making others laugh.


Best wishes from all of us at Homerton and wishing everyone a very happy term.


Greek Information


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