Homerton Early Years Centre Weekly Bulletin No 13– February 13th 2020
Dear Parents,
Thank you for all your support with our cake sale yesterday. The cakes were really amazing and we raised a fantastic £207.00 which means we can buy a set of books on understanding emotions, as well as some more multi-cultural books and some new sand toys for our garden sandpit!
Could we please ask you to save, and give to the office, any empty plastic hummus pots – we are going to use them to make resources for recognising letters and sounds to use at Circle times.
Very excitingly Homerton now has a twitter account – please do have a look and visit https://twitter.com/@Homerton EYC to get a taste of recent life at Homerton.
Just a reminder that the school menus, which rotate on a three week cycle, can be found in the corridor next to the kitchen and in classes. We are always looking at how to improve our menus and the recent salad bowls have been a big hit with the children. They seem to really enjoy both the food, and the opportunity to chat with friends and adults at this time. Parent feedback from the recent survey has also been really helpful so thank you.
Just a quick reminder that Homerton is a mobile phone free zone so if you need to use your phone please do so outside the Centre. This is for the safety of all children in the Centre.
A couple of parents have asked about the Coronavirus. We have been advised by Public Health England and the Local Authority that anyone travelling from an infected area should isolate themselves for 14 days. Those travelling from other areas, where there have been outbreaks, who feel unwell should also isolate themselves and seek medical advice. Apart from that please be vigilant if your child becomes ill and ensure good hygiene practices are followed eg regular handwashing.
Upcoming events for your diary
17th-21 February – Half Term.
Monday 24th February is a training day so the centre will be closed.
Tuesday 25th February Term restarts.
Wishing you all a very happy half term and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 25th February when the Centre reopens.
Alex and all at Homerton

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