Dear Parents,


Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the half term break.  Please be aware that we are closed next week unless you have booked into holiday club which is now full.

Term restarts on Monday 2nd November.


Teacher trainees

This week East Room has been lucky enough to have two additional staff members, Lucy and Emily, who are teacher trainees from the Faculty of Education, here in Cambridge.  They are training with us until Friday 20th November.


A request

Class staff have asked if over half term you could spend a bit of time naming all items of clothing belonging to your child including coats, jumpers, scarves, hats, shoes and wellies etc.  We already have quite a lot of lost property, and it will make it so much quicker, and easier, to return them to the correct child if everything is named.


Holiday Club

If you are coming to holiday club please remember to bring a packed lunch and tea for your child’s sessions.

Drop off and pick up for holiday club is at the main front entrance not via the pond or Nest gates.

The day runs from 9.00-5.00pm


Upcoming events


Fireworks display

We are hoping to have a very low key fireworks display – just for children during the sessions on Wednesday 4th November.  This is an opportunity to talk about fire safety with the children as well as to see some beautiful fireworks.  These are especially chosen for low noise level. If children wish they can watch from the window inside the rooms.


Name the owl

At the end of last term, parents very kindly gave Homerton a beautiful wooden owl which you may have noticed in the garden sitting by the bench at the Pond entrance.

Quite a number of children say hello to him/her as they arrive and we thought it might be nice to involve the children in giving him/her a proper name.

Our plan is that on Wednesday 11th November Sharon, Tracey’s sister,  will be sitting on the bench asking you if your child would like to donate £1.00 to name the owl. We have already drawn up a list of possible names to choose from and the one that is most popular will then be the owl’s official name!


Halloween falls in half term so please keep yourselves safe if planning to trick or treat at all.


Best wishes


Alex and all at Homerton



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