Dear Parents


Christmas Raffle

The photo above is of our Christmas Raffle prizes. The raffle is taking place on Wednesday 1st December, and raffle tickets will be sold just on that day. Please remember to bring some money on the 1st  as we cannot accept cards.  The money from the Christmas Raffle goes towards funding the children’s class parties which take place towards the end of term. We hope to display the raffle prizes outside next week so you can see what you might win!


Class Requests

Class staff have requested that toys from home stay at home, rather than brought into Homerton.  There are two reasons for this which are they can get lost, and all the children want to play with them – this often causes unnecessary upset for children.


The second request is that if your child arrives in wellington boots then please bring a spare pair of shoes for them to wear in class.


Bounce Forward Emotions Programme

This year at Homerton we have introduced an emotions programme, to help children express how they may be feeling at any given time, and to develop resilience. This programme is known as ‘Bounce Forward’. Children have a velcro photo of themselves that they can move onto charts with different feelings eg happy, sad, angry etc during the day.  There are a number or resources and books that we are also using to support children with this at Circle times and your children may well talk about this at home.


Storytelling sessions, also known as ‘Helicopter Stories’. Please look up ‘Make Believe Arts’ for video clip information on this, and Vivian Gussin Paley’s work to find out more.

Classes are also just starting Storytelling sessions. Each week, a few children, have the chance to be the storyteller, whilst the adult in the class writes down their story.  The story is then shared with the whole class at Circle time when it is acted out. All the stories are kept, and towards the end of the Summer Term we are able to see just how much children have developed in the story telling with more elaborate plots and characters. The  acting also becomes more developed.  Children really like these sessions and it might be something you want to try doing at home too?


If you want to know any more about Bounce Forward, or Storytelling through Helicopter Stories, please talk to class staff, or chat to me when I am on the Nursery school gate on a Tuesday or Friday morning.



Best wishes from Alex and all at Homerton

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