Homerton Early Years Centre – Weekly Bulletin

6th  March 2024




Dates for your diary:

Mid-March Parent Consultations for Nursery children in East, South and West Rooms – please sign up for a time slot on the sheet outside your child’s room.

Wednesday 20th March 8.45-9.30am – Eggstravaganza – Parent and child event focusing on life cycles held in the main Nursery garden for all parents and children to attend.

Wednesday 27th March – Easter Raffle – Please donate a raffle prize for this event if you can, some ideas for this might be – Colouring books, Crayons, New Toys, Books, Eggs, Smellies. Please bring in your donations by Monday 11th March – thank you.

Thursday 28th March – Last Day of Spring Term

Monday 15th April – Summer Term begins



Reminders and Requests:


The Eggstravaganza is an event for parents and children to enjoy together and takes place on 20th March – Please allow 15 or 20 minutes at the start of the session, between 8.45-9.30am, to accompany your child around the main Nursery garden, and learn about eggs and lifecycles together. If your child doesn’t attend until the afternoon that day, or attends on a different day, please do bring them along to this Eggstravaganza session, as it is both very educational and a lot of fun.


Easter Raffle – Wednesday 27th March – Please can you continue to bring in donations for the raffle boxes – Thank you to everyone who has already donated lovely prizes – Tracey is already busy making up beautiful raffle boxes.        


Message from the Head Teacher:


Dear Parents


We have had an exciting week with the arrival of 10 eggs with an incubator in the Library.  Some of the eggs have already started to hatch and children have been lucky enough to see this amazing event, as the chicks peck their way out of their shells and gradually emerge. When they first hatch they are initially very tired and wet, but within a few hours their feathers fluff up and they are walking around.  We move them out of the incubator into a larger container 24 hours after they have hatched, as they initially need to be warm. It is lovely to hear the wonder in children’s and adult’s voices just outside my office as they watch this amazing lifecycle.


If you get the chance to come and see the chicks with your child at the beginning or end of their day here please do – they are in the Library area.


Thank you to all the parents that were able to attend our Maths workshop last night and a very big thank you to Mitali for delivering this session. Mitali will be sending out the slides to everyone.


This week we have also been enjoying stories together as it is World Book Day tomorrow. Thank you for bringing in favourite stories from home for us to share.


Tracey has sent out an email with a parent questionnaire attached – we really value your thoughts and comments about Homerton, and the service we provide for families, so if you are able to complete the questionnaire, and return it to us either, in paper copy, or on-line, that would be very much appreciated. If you prefer to keep your responses anonymous then please do. Completed questionnaires can be put in the box outside the main office window.



Medical Update: We have children with temperatures and some sickness and diarrhoea in the Centre.  Please keep your child at home for a full 24 hours after no temperature, and 48 hours after the last episode of sickness and diarrhoea as this will help to prevent the spread.
Some of our Learning this week     


A lot of activities have been going on across the classrooms this week so here is a flavour of what your children have been doing.



How many eggs are there? And how many chicks will hatch out?


Here is our first one hatching out yesterday


The same chick all fluffed up this morning, and others have been pecking their way out of their shells as I type this newsletter!










Lots of excitement as the chicks hatch out and children and adults have been visiting them today




Classes have all enjoyed sharing favourite stories in celebration of World Book Day tomorrow









Classes have also been acting out the stories made up by the children





The Nest have been having fun experimenting with colour mixing using a salad spinner – a really good activity to do at home too if you have a salad spinner





Children have continued to enjoy doing observational drawing and painting of daffodils

Our builders of the future have been doing very interesting designs




Yesterday everyone enjoyed learning a new song in music using a giant scrunchie to keep the circle and explore singing high and low




With Best wishes from us all for a very happy Mother’s Day and start of Ramadan.




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