Homerton Early Years Centre – Weekly Bulletin

23rd November 2022


Message from the Head Teacher:


Dear Parents and Carers


I thought you might like to see these lovely photos of children in South Room sharing their Special Books with each other, and find out a little bit more about what they are used for here at Homerton. Special Books are unique to each child. They can choose to put paintings, drawings, collages or pictures that they wish to keep into them.  Staff also put in your child’s ‘All About Me’, book, as well as photos of special events here, and Planning in the Moment record sheets.


Parents are also very welcome to contribute to these Special Books, and to take them home at weekends to share with family.








Raffle reminder Wednesday 14th December. Thank you to everyone who has started making donations towards our Christmas raffle. Tickets, costing £1.00, are sold on the day, and the raffle is drawn the same afternoon.  Please donate raffle prizes by 30th November to allow time for Tracey, and her sister Sharon, to wrap them for us.


Davina Shore’s Music sessions for Nursery children takes place on a Tuesday morning from 9.15, so if we could ask East Room parents to drop children off by 9.15 on a Tuesday, that would be really helpful.


Applying for Reception places – Please remember the deadline for applications is 15th January 2023


Holiday Activity Funding and Food vouchers

If you think you are eligible for HAF funding for your child please apply for this directly via HAF funding.


Covid/Medical Update: Thankfully I have not heard of anymore Covid cases this week


Some of the Learning this week


At Homerton we teach through a combination of focused taught activities and free play.  The photos below show some of the activities this week that have either been adult directed or freely chosen by the children.



Children using the mirror to observe their features and then draw a self -portrait of themselves with an adult supporting and guiding the activity.





Children made lolly ice creams, as a free play activity, with our stickle brick construction kit.



At Homerton we also encourage children to develop their independence skills as this gives them confidence in their own ability to do things for themselves, and helps them as they move from the Nest into the Nursery, or Nursery into Reception classes.



The pictures above show one of our Nest children learning how to put their coat on the ‘Magic Homerton Way’.  This is done by putting the hood towards them, then putting their arms in, and throwing their coat over the head.  Do ask your child to show you how to do this at home and encourage them to be independent in putting on their coats.




East Room celebrating a birthday at Circle time this week.


Here at Homerton we always celebrate every child’s birthday, this is an opportunity not only to celebrate a special day with friends in class, but also to count using our special birthday hat and candles on the cake…children get very practised in counting to 3 or 4 depending on whether they are in the Nest or Nursery!


Dates for your diary:


Wednesday 7th December – Christmas Story trail for parents and children around the garden 8.45am-9.30am – East Blue children, and any children from the Nest who attend on a different day/time, please come in to enjoy this event with everyone. 


Wednesday 14th December – Party day, which is just for the children.

Wednesday 14th December – Christmas raffle with tickets sold on the day so please bring cash with you on that day.


Please remember to continue bringing in prizes for our Christmas Raffle by 30th November.


PARKING PLEA Please remember to be considerate to our neighbours by NOT parking in front of driveways, or on pavements, even when just dropping off your child for a few minutes. Allowing a little more time in the morning to park slightly further away from the Centre would be much appreciated, both by us and our neighbours, who have been in contact with me recently about this issue.


With Best wishes


Alex Pearson


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