Homerton Early Years Centre – Weekly Bulletin

24th  January 2024


Message from the Head Teacher:

Dear Parents


I wanted to start by reminding you that we have a parent event at Homerton on Thursday 1st February at 7.30pm-8.45pm on Communication, Language and Literacy. We will also be covering what you can do at home to support your child’s language skills to develop. The session is being delivered by Jacqui Davies, who is our West Room teacher, and Literacy co-ordinator.  She has put together a very informative presentation with some fun interactive ideas for you to try out both at Homerton and at home. Please come along and thank you to Jacqui.


Bob and I were enjoying watching the children acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears this morning in Rainbow Room. ‘Once Upon a Time’ stories have been central to lots of our activities and learning this week. The children in East and South room have been acting this story out, as well as enjoying acting out ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ in the garden, using the nursery bridge to ‘Trip trap’ across whilst the trolls were trying to catch them. Children have also been cooking and eating gingerbread men, having already read the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’.


Please have a look at all the photos in the ‘Learning this week’ section to see  what a variety of activities are enjoyed by children across the week, and just how much they are learning from them. These activities have included using our making table resources to design a shape monster in the Nest, and many other self-chosen projects in East Room,  visiting our ‘Old Orchard’ wild garden, using pipettes to fill jugs of water, singing and dancing with scarves, and learning how to write Chinese numerals. A big thank you goes to the staff for all their creativity in thinking of ways to teach our broad ranging and fun curriculum.

Medical Update: There are no particular medical issues to report this week.
Some of the Learning this week






The children across the classes have loved acting out the different roles in the ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ story.







     There have also been many Billy Goats and trolls going across the garden bridge this week!









Some delicious Gingerbread men have been made, cooked and eaten.



The Nest enjoyed learning about different shapes and creating a ‘Shape Monster’ which is now hanging in the classroom



And our Nest young scientists found ways of filling jugs with water using pipettes to suck it up first from the builders tray, helping to develop their fine motor physical strength

Davina led our music session as children enjoyed dancing around the room with scarves, developing their gross motor physical skills.



       The Chinese numerals 1-5 were studied carefully and copied by our young writers



     Children visited the Old Orchard where they found the first snow drop bravely coming up and also enjoyed a story



Our designers of the future used all the making table resources to design and make their individual projects





Dates for your diary:

Thursday 1st February 2024 – Parents evening workshop on Communication, Language and Literacy 7.30pm-8.45pm – Please book your babysitter now so you can come along

Half Term holiday 19th– 23rd February 2024 – holiday club will be running this week so please book your children in.



Reminders/Requests:      If anyone has some plain material for making ‘Super hero’ capes for the children please do bring it in.


As so many children are enjoying our making table resources please do recycle empty boxes, cartons and milk bottle tops by bringing them in, and giving them to your class staff, for children to make things.


Thank you


With Best wishes from

Alex and all at Homerton


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