Dear Parents and Carers,


A very warm welcome to Homerton if you have just started with us.  Welcome back to families who already know the Centre but are moving from the Nest to the Nursery.


The children are starting to settle well and make the transition from home back into the Nest or Nursery.  This is quite a big change for many children, and their parents, especially given the past 18 months…so please do talk to us and we will do our very best to support and make settling your child with us as easy as possible. I am attaching below some tips for you to think about when dropping your children off with us, which I hope will helpful to us all.


Homerton Early Years Centre

If your child has difficulty separating from you don’t worry, this is a normal part of their development. Some take longer than others to settle, and a child who appears confident may experience problems later e.g. just after a holiday. All staff are very experienced in supporting children (and their parents!) through separation issues, and are on hand to advise you.


  • Tell staff your child’s favourite activities so they can prepare for her/his arrival.
  • Talk to your child positively about coming to Nursery e.g. “It’s time to go to Nursery now, I wonder if there will be painting out today?”  (Substitute with favourite activity).
  • Make your expectation clear to your child e.g. “We’ve talked about what a lovely time you’ll have, we have to get ready now.”
  • Try to arrive on time so your child sees you leaving with other parents.
  • Keep to the same routine every day.
  • Your child’s staff will greet you at the door, focusing on your child.
  • Tell him/her that you are going and that you’ll be back later.
  • Give your child a kiss and a cuddle and leave promptly.
  • Your child will then enter the classroom, hang up their coat and find their individual name card – staff will support with this where needed.
  • Please feel reassured that staff have years of experience in how to best settle children and will work with you to provide the support they need.
  • If you need to come into the classroom then please wear a mask.

Your positive attitude and having a familiar routine will be reassuring for your child.

Please try to avoid

  • Taking off your own coat.
  • Engaging in lengthy conversations with your child about leaving.
  • Picking your child up or keeping cuddling him/her.
  • Talking about separation issues in front of your child.
  • Saying goodbye and then coming back repeatedly.
  • Being in an area where your child can see you if staff have asked you to stay on-site during initial settling period but not to be in view.

Often these actions give your child mixed messages


Please do not hesitate to talk to class staff, or myself, about your child during the coming year.


Best wishes


Alex and all at Homerton


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