Homerton Early Years Centre – Weekly Bulletin

17th January 2024


Message from the Head Teacher:

Dear Parents


I hope you have all had a good week and not been too cold.  The children have all been enjoying this frosty weather and have noticed the pond has been frozen over.  As it is so cold please can we ask you to continue to provide your children with warm, named layers of clothing, including a coat, hat and scarf.

We also have a new air source heat pump providing our heating for the Centre. It runs a little cooler than previously in classes, so layers of clothing for the classroom are also helpful during this cold period.


This week we have all been exploring the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Classes have been enjoying sharing the story together, acting it out with masks, and reading a recipe to make porridge together – please see all the pictures below in the Learning Section.


In the Nursery garden we have a weekly adult supported focus. This week the South Room team have been helping children learn about speed using our cars and ramps with guttering.  They have been experimenting with moving the guttering at different starting heights and found out how to make the cars go faster when racing each other.


Just a reminder to put in your diaries our Communication, Language and Literacy parent workshop, on Thursday 1st February at 7.30pm-8.45pm. We hope to be able to give you some tips on what we do here to develop children’s language skills and to let you know what you can also do at home to support your child in this area.



Please can we remind you that for health and safety reasons the car park entrance is only for staff use.  Parents should only enter Homerton via the passageways, in order not to have children and cars moving around in the same space.


Please could we also ask that you help us in keeping all children safe by closing gates, and not opening doors to any children who may be coming in, or out, of the Centre without their parent.  Please can older siblings stay with you when you are collecting children from Homerton.

Medical Update: We have had a case of chicken pox in the Nest and a case of Slapped Cheek in the Nursery.  If you are pregnant it may be wise to contact your GP about the precautions that should be taken with regard to these two illnesses.


Some of the Learning this week


                  Reading and acting out Goldilocks story using our lolly stick masks                                  



Sharing stories together is always a fun activity ‘The Animal Boogie’ is a great one for exploring rhythm and rhyme



Our mathematicians have been learning about number value, matching the correct number of bricks to the correct numeral each time




Before cooking with porridge oats children have fun playing with them and scooping them into containers with spoons



Later in the week children made porridge, measuring out the correct amount of milk needed to be added to the oats, the ratio is usually half a cup of oats to one cup of milk, should you want to try making it at home!





The children were shown one of our visual recipe cards before making the porridge so they had a very good idea of the steps in the process before making it

          And then finally enjoying a bowl of delicious porridge!



Children explored speed using our ramps and cars and seeing how to make them go faster or slower






Our Nest children had a lot of fun making a snowman from large boxes and  a plastic tub which they then decorated with white paper and paint


They also developed their physical skills with an obstacle course


Our garden phones were used to chat to each other



While a trip to the allotment provided more opportunities to explore the frost and ice on the frozen water troughs.


Dates for your diary:

Thursday 1st February 2024 – Parents evening workshop on Communication, Language and Literacy 7.30pm-8.45pm – Please book your babysitter now so you can come along

Half Term holiday 19th-23rd February 2024 – holiday club will be running this week so please book your children in.



Reminders/Requests:      We are hoping to make some ‘Super hero’ capes for the children to use when they play in the garden, so we were wondering if any of you have plain brightly coloured material, that you could donate to us so we can make them. Please let the office or Alex know if you do. Thank you


If anyone has any unwanted Christmas gifts then we would also be very happy to receive these to put in a future raffle.



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