Homerton Early Years Centre – Weekly Bulletin

14th September 2022


Message from the Head Teacher:

A very warm welcome to Homerton to all our families who are either joining us for the first time, or have been with us over the last academic year. We are really looking forward to working with you and getting to know your children in the coming year.

If you are new to Homerton you will notice that owls are our lucky mascot and the photo below shows two lovely owls who have appeared during the summer break.  Many thanks to the families of 2021-22 who organised our old cherry tree being sculpted so that children from the Nursery can have an ‘owl welcome’ as they come into Homerton via the park gate.






Covid/Medical Update: I am pleased to say that we don’t have any Covid cases currently.  Just a reminder that if your child has diarrhoea, sickness or a temperature they should stay at home for 48 hours to prevent the spread to others. Please phone the office before 10am to let us know if your child is not attending that day (01223 508766).

Please let class teams and the office know if your child has any particular allergies or dietary needs.



Topic The first half of this term we concentrate on children and staff getting to know each other, learning routines, and feeling confident in the classrooms and gardens.  We are keen for children to feel happy and settled here as soon as possible, although this can sometimes take time.  If your child is finding it hard to settle please talk to class staff, or myself, as between us we have many years of experience supporting children.


Every half term children get to know a core book very well.  This term’s core book is ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell.  In the story the parent owl goes off hunting for food, and one of the baby owls is a bit worried that they may not return.  Throughout the story the other owls try to reassure, and eventually the parent returns.  The underlying message for our children here is that parents will return. Do share this story with your children at home if you have it, or you can ask class staff to borrow a copy. Next week I shall be sending out a sheet to accompany the book for you to share with your child.


Breakfast Club at Homerton

If your child is coming for breakfast please be aware that food is served between 8.00-8.30, this is followed by a play session prior to children going to class.  (Please be aware Breakfast club needs to be booked in advance and is already very full).


Dates for your diary:

Monday 19th September – Centre closed for the Queen’s funeral

Half Term holiday – Monday 24th-28th October. 

Holiday club will be running during half term week and we will be emailing you to let you know when you can book this.

Monday 31st October – The Centre is closed for staff training day


Reminders: Please do not park on the yellow lines outside school as these are there to keep all children and families safe.

If you need to drive then can I suggest you park in Glebe Road, near house number 48, and walk through the passageway next to the allotments to reach the Centre. This is a lovely walk and an opportunity to enjoy some peace in nature, as well as getting some exercise. You can also see if your child can spot the Homerton allotment along the way.  Our fantastic gardening team of Kate, Stella and Fran have done a brilliant job growing beautiful flowers, fruit and vegetables for you to enjoy.

Finally, I would like to let you all know that Roy Stamp, our caretaker of more than 15 years, is retiring on Friday.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish Roy a very happy retirement from all the staff and families at Homerton over the years. He will certainly be very much missed, but we hope he will be returning to us through the year to take on various acting roles for events – in the past he has been a shepherd, Father Christmas and Prince Charles! Our new caretaker Bob Negus will be taking on the role from Monday next week so a warm welcome to him too.


With Best wishes from us all


Alex Pearson


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