Weekly Bulletin No 6 – November 28th 2019
Dear Parents,
Xmas Raffle on 4th December – The raffle takes place on 4th December and tickets can only be purchased on the day at £1.00 per ticket. The money raised from the raffle is going to be used to give the children a Christmas party and for presents from Santa. He is dropping in to see the children sometime in the week starting Monday 9th December – please don’t mention this to your children as it is a surprise!
Christmas Craft stall – Thursday 5th December. There will be a Christmas crafts stall in the entrance on Thursday 5th so if you fancy buying a few extra craft bits for Christmas please bring along some money – some of the profits from this stall are being donated to Homerton.
Pond Update – The pond was completed on Monday and the children have spotted their first frog which was very exciting.
Christmas Storytrail 11TH December – 8.45 or 12.45 for about 30 minutes. This is a magical event for parents to enjoy with children so please do put this in your diaries.
Little Robin Red Vest show- also takes place later on during the morning and afternoon sessions of the 11th December (for children only). This performance is being put on by children from Morley Memorial Primary School. A big thank you goes to Anna Youngs and Lucy Holden who are helping organise this for us. The cast has some children who attended Homerton in it and it is lovely to be able to welcome them back here.
18th December – Party day with food, Christmas singing and fun games – again this is just an event for the children.
Illness plea – If your child is feeling unwell, and in need of medication to keep them going then please consider keeping them at home in order to prevent germs spreading to others – as we have had a lot of sick children and staff this week.
Please also remember that sickness and diarrhoea spreads easily and keep children off for 48 hours after the last episode. Your support with this is much appreciated.
Upcoming events for your diary
4th December – Christmas Raffle – Raffle tickets can only be bought and paid for on the day.
Week of 9th Dec – Father Christmas dropping in from the North Pole
11th December – Christmas Storytrail and Robin Red Vest show
18th December – Party day this is an event just for the children and Homerton provides all the party food.
19th December – Last day of term.
6th January – Term restarts.
As always please do come and see me, or class staff, if you have any concerns about your child.
Best wishes
Alex and all at Homerton

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