Dear Parents


Welcome back to Homerton for the second half of the term.  I hope you all had a good half term.


I have just sent you out an email with a link to how we learn and play at Homerton so do watch this …your children might enjoy seeing some of the slides of familiar places! There are some ideas for how you can help with children’s learning and play at home too.


I also wanted to share with you some more general information for the coming weeks about the following:-




As it has suddenly got much colder, and the Government advice is to keep doors and windows in classrooms open as much as possible during the day, it tends to be colder than normal in the building.  Please can you ensure that your children have lots of labelled warm and waterproof clothes with them to keep them warm and dry enough.




We have now moved to our hot lunch menu so please do have a look at that on our outside noticeboard.  Angela and Helen, our great cooks, have been making cottage pie, macaroni cheese and sausage and mash this week which the children seem to be enjoying.

Please be reassured that fruit and vegetables are served with every meal and at snack times through the day.




Can we request that children are dropped off between 8.45-9.15 for the Nursery and 9.00-9.30 for the Nest.


Pick up is at 11.45am for South Room and either 2.40, 3.00 or 3.45 for West and East. Nest pick up is at 4.00.

Please let your class staff know on a daily basis what time you are picking your child up.

Prompt drop offs and pick-ups are really helpful for us as it is very hard for class staff to leave the rooms at other times when they are busy teaching the class.

Many thanks for your help with this and please understand that you may need to wait if staff can’t come out to you at other times.




Due to the new restrictions coming into force this week we have decided to delay naming our lovely wooden owl until the Spring/Summer when hopefully children and parents will be able to mix more easily.




Please see the attachments above with information on parenting courses and group activities that are still running this half of term.  In terms of the What’s On the only things cancelled is the Welly Walks.

The parenting courses are all being delivered via zoom and look really good so do sign up for these is you would like to.


As always a big thank you to you all for your support and help in these challenging times…very luckily the children seem to be as cheerful and happy as ever!


Best wishes


Alex and all the Homerton staff


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