Dear Parents
Hope you are all coping in the heat. We have been trying hard to keep the children cool with lots of shaded play, and drinks of water throughout the day and they have done really well.
Our caterpillars have also arrived and are now in each class, changing daily which is very exciting for the children to see.
The Nest cake stall was a great success and raised a fantastic £145.20 many thanks to everyone who made and bought the cakes. Also a big thank you to Tracey’s sister Sharon who ran the stall for us.
PARKING REMINDER…Our neighbours have sent in complaints this week about parking across driveways and yellow lines. Please can you park a little further away, and walk, in order that children are kept safe and our yellow line restrictions are adhered to. Thank you.
Upcoming events to look forward to are as follows:-
• Children going to Morley will be visiting their Early Years Base on the dates shown below. If you child is going to Morley then please meet Homerton class staff at 9.30am outside the Early Years at Morley. Pick up time is at 11.00am, unless your child is coming back to Homerton for lunch, in which case our staff will walk them back here. If your child is not going to Morley then please come to Homerton as usual.
Morley class visits…
• West Room – Monday 2nd July
• East Room – Wednesday 4th July
• South Room – Thursday 5TH July

• 4th July is also our Teddy Bears picnic for parents and children either in the park next door, for those who are collected at 11.45 or dropped off at 12.45, or in our Homerton Garden for those children who usually stay for lunch here – they will be having their picnic with the usual lunch staff.

• 6th July sees a visit from a Beekeeper who is one of our parents in East Room. The children will be going in small groups to hear all about bees.

• We have a number of Work Experience students with us in the coming weeks in various classes, so do introduce yourselves to them.
Wishing you all a happy and sunny weekend.
Alex and all the Homerton staff.

Homerton Early Years Centre
Holbrook Road
(01223) 508766

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