Homerton Weekly Bulletin November 28th 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,


Homerton is suddenly starting to feel like Christmas is just around the corner!   Please see the diary date reminders below.


A couple of other things to mention are we are shortly going to relaunch our ‘SAVE NURSERY SCHOOLS’ campaign in the hope that Centres such as ours will continue to be funded at their current levels in the future.  More information on this and a meeting date to plan our campaign will follow shortly. PLEASE DO SIGN THE PETITION which is going to Government on 11th January once I send this through to you – last time around the campaign and parental support really made a huge difference so hopefully we can achieve the same result this time around.


We have had a request from a Phd student who would like to do some research and chat to parents – I am attaching her email so that you can get in touch directly if you would like to be involved.


If you need to put a nappy into a bin at Homerton then please put it in a nappy sack first, and then place it either in our outside bin, or in the nappy bin on the way to the Nest. We have put some nappy sacks in the disabled toilet at the end of the corridor, on the changing unit, should you need one.


Diary date reminders

Wednesday 5th Dec – Please bring some money on the morning of the 5th to buy some raffle tickets which are only on sale that day.  We have some great gift boxes which you can see on the table in the front entrance as you come in.

Wednesday 5th Dec – You will all have received your invitations for the Xmas story trail in the garden at either 8.45 or 12.45.  Please do take time to come along to this as it is a lovely event for parents and children to enjoy together and usually takes about 20 minutes from your usual drop off time.  The children are currently busy painting stars and making biscuits in readiness for the big day.

Thursday 6th and Tuesday 11th Dec – The children will be having a special roast for their Xmas lunch…if your child is here on both these days they will be lucky enough to have two Xmas lunches!

Please do come and see myself, or the class or office staff, if you have any questions or queries.



Best wishes

Alex and all the Homerton Staff




Homerton Early Years Centre

Holbrook Road



(01223) 508766


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