Dear Parent’s

We aim to offer the best provision at Homerton for your children. Part of this depends on enriching children’s experiences with visits to the park, visits to the allotment, planting and cooking together, a Christmas party, an end of year celebratory trip out and special visitors coming in to Homerton.

Parents’ kindly make contributions to help support these extra-curricular activities and we ask that you consider this for the term or year to help us plan for the trips. Of course the donations are voluntary but we do depend on them so if you are able to give generously it is greatly appreciated.

We suggest a contribution of £10 a half term, or approximately a £1.50 a week. If this amount is too hard for you we do totally understand and do not want to add to any families financial commitments, sometimes we are fortunate enough to have parents who are able to give a little more. Cash or cheques made out to Homerton Early Years Centre can be handed into the office. Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer 20-17-68 10711667 stating our child’s name as a reference.

Very many thanks; your donations go directly to the children for the things that make life even more fun at Homerton!

Best wishes

Alex Pearson

Head of Centre

Homerton Early Years Centre

Holbrook Road



(01223) 508766


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