Dear Parents


As it is harder to share your child’s day here at Homerton with you currently we have put together this powerpoint about learning and playing at Homerton.

The link is  so please do watch it.


If the sound doesn’t come up immediately on your device then hover the curser over each slide and there should be a microphone sign come up in order to play the recording which goes along with each slide.

We really hope you enjoy watching it and hearing a bit more about your child’s day and the importance of play in their ‘daily diet’ of activities.


I am also attaching some information on our language of the half term which is Spanish.  We will be learning some Spanish words, numbers and songs in class together at our Circle times.

Do have fun learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Spanish together at home as well! If you know any Spanish recipes do share them with us and we can put them on the twitter page.


The children may well have told you that we had a very colourful fireworks display here at Homerton yesterday – we used this also as an opportunity to chat about fire safety with the children.

Rachel, our specialist music teacher played the violin to accompany the fireworks which was lovely.

We are very lucky to have Rachel, who not only works as a TA for us, but also teaches a music lesson to each class every other Wednesday.


Class staff are looking forward to having a phone call with you all in the coming weeks and sharing your child’s many achievements. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for their time slot.


Best wishes


Alex and all at Homerton





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