Observation, Planning and Assessment

Starting with the child.


We observe children to find out about their needs, what they are interested in and what they can do. We involve parents and carers in this process so that we can learn more about their unique child.

Staff, parents and carers find everyday opportunities to informally share information about their child. There are also planned parents evenings throughout the year.

Parents and carers are also invited to record information about their child in their Special Book.


We plan learning environments indoors and out. From our observations of children at play and parental information we plan experiences together with the children to support, stimulate and extend their learning. Planning is based on children’s individual interests and needs according to their own level of development.

Making Progress.

All children have a right to achieve to their fullest potential and therefore we monitor all children’s progress. Children’s learning and development is carefully observed so that staff are able to plan for their next steps.

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