Dear Parents

I hope you have all had a good week and enjoyed doing whatever physical challenge your children chose.

At Homerton dancing, riding trikes and bikes around the garden, and obstacle courses have all been very popular.

Just a reminder for those of you whose children are at home to come and collect Special Books and Reports on Wednesday 8th July.  You will see that for Nursery children you come up our usual alley way and for  the Nest you come up the driveway.

Please remember to search around and bring back any remaining Library books on that day.

Your children are very welcome to come on Wednesday when we will have books ready for you to collect outside the building.  If lots of you arrive at the same time please remember to socially distance. Staff are really looking forward to seeing you all again.

Your timings are as follows…

South Room 9am-10am

West Room 10am-11am

East Room 11am-12am

Nest Rooms 9-11am

Do enjoy this week’s planning and as always choose the activities you think your children will enjoy the most.

Have a good weekend

Best wishes

Alex and all at Homerton


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