Homerton Weekly Bulletin 8th July 2021




Dear Parents


This week the children have been busy harvesting the potatoes that they planted in the Spring.  This photo shows the crop from East Room – they grew 150 potatoes from an original planting of 7 potatoes in two pots!

They are planning to enjoy cooking, and eating, them as a class tomorrow.


Classes have also been growing beans and sunflowers which I think may have made it back to your homes?


I do hope you have enjoyed reading your child’s special book this week.  A big thank you goes to all the staff who have worked so hard to make them so individual and reflective of every child’s particular interests.


Our caterpillars have all made cocoons now – but we haven’t yet had any butterflies.


Some exciting news coming up is that we are going to have a new website very soon.  Do look out for this and possibly spot your children, and the Centre, in the beautiful photos that will be on it.


We have a couple of vacancies for Lunch Supervisors from September – so if any of you are interested in having a job here please chat to me or send an email – we would love to hear from you.


Next week we have an exciting event for children known as ‘Claytime’.  Two artists who work in clay are coming in to work with the children, creating a story and using clay to make the props.

The children will then have an opportunity to enjoy making something in clay themselves.


Best wishes from us all here at Homerton







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