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Weekly Bulletin – 11 January 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,   Firstly a very big thank you to all of you for your help and support with our Save Nursery Schools campaign.  Heidi Allen, the Local MP for Homerton, has written a very supportive letter to the Education Minister, on our behalf, and we will be delivering the petition to her office for her to present to parliament at the end of January. If you have any more signed petitions at home please return them to the office as soon as possible.  If you wish to write a letter to Heidi in support of Homerton then please do email her VOLUNTEER HELP NEEDED Classes are just starting to go to the Old Orchard and allotment again – if there are any parents who could spare an hour between 9.30-10.30 any day to help take children to the Old orchard or allotment, or to share stories in class, then please come and see me, or speak to your class staff directly .   Diary date reminders Tuesday 15th January is the deadline for applying for a reception class place.  Please make sure your application is in for Tuesday. Wednesday 23rd January Parent workshop on ‘Children and Writing Development’ at 1.30-2.45pm and again at 7.15-8.30pm.  Do come along to this informative session on how children learn to write and how you can help at home. Wednesday 30th January Stories in the Dark with Marion Leeper – This session takes place for all children through the school day. Marion is bringing along her tent, and torches, to create a magical atmosphere whilst telling stories based on light... read more

Weekly Bulletin – 7 December 2018

Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you very much for coming along and enjoying our Story Trail …the magic of a real baby, as Jesus, is always a real highlight for the children. The raffle raised the grand sum of £344, thank you to everyone who helped – by donating prizes, making the hampers, selling and buying the tickets. Update on Save Nursery Schools We had a meeting on Tuesday which was very well attended and would now like to ask for your support in the following ways:- 1. Please can you sign the petition that is in the Centre 2. Please collect a blank petition sheet from the office, or print the one attached to this email, and get as many Cambridge friends, family and contacts to sign it. Please return to the office by 9th January at the latest. 3. Please take a Save Nursery School poster, or print the one attached to this email, so that your child/children can do a drawing on the bottom half of the poster and then display it in your window in order to raise awareness in the local community. 4. Write to your local MP to save Maintained Nursery Schools Our aim is to get the promise of existing levels of funding for Maintained Nursery Schools beyond April 2020. The petition needs to be in paper form (as an electronic petition by email needs at least 100,000 signatures to create a debate in parliament). Diary date reminders Thursday 6th and Tuesday 11th Dec – The children will be having a special roast for their Christmas lunch…if your child attends on both... read more

Save Nursery Schools – 28 November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers, As I mentioned in the weekly bulletin Nursery school funding is at risk again. We are holding a public meeting on Tuesday 4th December at the Fields, Galfrid Road, Cambridge, CB5 8ND at 7.00 pm to decide on what we can do to lobby parliament to continue to fund us, at our current levels, beyond March 2020. The most important thing parents can do is to come along to the meeting, display the attached poster, and crucially sign the government petition which needs to go in for 11th January. I shall be sending out a link to this petition shortly. In the meantime if you are able to come along to the meeting at 7pm on Tuesday to hear more about this important issue please do. Many thanks in advance for your support. Alex Alex Pearson Head Teacher Homerton Early Years... read more

Weekly Bulletin – 28 November 2018

Homerton Weekly Bulletin November 28th 2018 Dear Parents and Carers,   Homerton is suddenly starting to feel like Christmas is just around the corner!   Please see the diary date reminders below.   A couple of other things to mention are we are shortly going to relaunch our ‘SAVE NURSERY SCHOOLS’ campaign in the hope that Centres such as ours will continue to be funded at their current levels in the future.  More information on this and a meeting date to plan our campaign will follow shortly. PLEASE DO SIGN THE PETITION which is going to Government on 11th January once I send this through to you – last time around the campaign and parental support really made a huge difference so hopefully we can achieve the same result this time around.   We have had a request from a Phd student who would like to do some research and chat to parents – I am attaching her email so that you can get in touch directly if you would like to be involved.   If you need to put a nappy into a bin at Homerton then please put it in a nappy sack first, and then place it either in our outside bin, or in the nappy bin on the way to the Nest. We have put some nappy sacks in the disabled toilet at the end of the corridor, on the changing unit, should you need one.   Diary date reminders Wednesday 5th Dec – Please bring some money on the morning of the 5th to buy some raffle tickets which are only on sale that day. ... read more

Weekly Bulletin – 8 November 2018

Homerton Weekly Bulletin November 8th 2018 Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you to everyone for coming to parents evening last night. It was very nice to share some of the children’s experiences and successes with you all. Just a couple of things to mention this week are that the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens are opening with free entry this Sunday between 10am-4pm. The trees were looking beautiful there last week so if you are looking for a trip out it might be a good one. Our cake stall and fun run around the park are this coming week on Wednesday 14th November with joint proceeds going to Children in Need and Homerton.  Please do get baking for that and also remember to bring some money with you on Wednesday to buy some cakes. Just a reminder as well that we are a nut free school, due to the potential of allergic reactions. The plan is to encourage everyone at drop off time to have some fun running around the park next door, with their child, before buying a cake which they will well and truly deserve! Children can bring a favourite toy with them to take on their run round the park – please can you label toys. Diary date reminders Wednesday 14th Nov – Fun run and cake stall at drop off time….please see information above. Wednesday 5th Dec – Raffle – we are starting to collect prizes for the raffle in the black box at the entrance – if you wanted to put something in to the box that would be very much appreciated. Wednesday 5th Dec... read more
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