The Homerton Team

                  Alex Pearson, Head of Centre                   

Homerton Office

Sue Smith, Office Manager

Tracey Wheddon, Clerical Assistant

Suzy Hughes, Clerical Assistant

Heather Owen, Clerical Assistant

The Nest

Harriet Riches, Nest Leader

Antonella Mazzucco, Teaching Assistant

Hyun Mi Lee, Teaching Assistant

Bea Gyorgy, Class Assistant

Jeannette Simpson, Teaching Assistant

Maria Rolph, Class Assistant

Julie Beattie, Teaching Assistant

Sian Thorne, Teaching Assistant

Natalie Kurklu, Teaching Assistant

Nursery School

East Room

Mitali Peckham, Class Teacher

Felicity Higginson, Class Teacher

Fran Crouch, Teaching Assistant

Debbie Stebbings, Teaching Assistant

Kate Mott, Teaching Assistant

Laura Price, Teaching Assistant


South Room

Liz Greenhalgh, Teacher

Michelle Cooper, Teaching Assistant

Heather Owen, Teaching Assistant


West Room

Bernie Cafferkey, Teacher/SENCO

Dong Sun, Teaching Assistant

Melody Wright, Owlets Manager

Angie Ingle, Teaching Assistant

Tamsin Fry, Teaching Assistant


Support Staff

Bridget Cafferkey, Nursery Nurse





Melody Wright, Owlets Manager

Debra Bennett, Owlets Play Worker

Lunchtime Staff

Angela Bushell, Caterer

Helen Haughton, Catering Assistant

Laura Price, Teaching Assistant

Rebecca Dalla Libera, Lunchtime Supervisor

Julia Creed, Lunchtime Supervisor

Charlotte Kidman, Lunchtime Supervisor

Alison Knights, Lunchtime Supervisor

Sarah Williams, Lunchtime Supervisor

Celia Phipps, Lunchtime Supervisor

Shohreh Sharifi, Lunchtime Supervisor

Emma Murdoch, Lunchtime Supervisor

Lesley Jenkins, Lunchtime Supervisor



Caretaking and Cleaning Staff

Roy Stamp, Caretaker

Angela Bushell, Cleaner

Kelly Wolfe, Cleaner

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